WOW! Where did the time go?

DSC00814   The better question may be where did my LIFE go? :-))  I got so busy that I barely had time to turn around.  Things are more settled now so I had “a moment to turn my mind to it,”  which, of course, got me to thinking.  In the process of getting rid of all my worldly goods (storage is too expensive and/or not available) I have had to do a whole lot of reassessing life and what I truly value.  Oh, I moved to China, which is why it was such a major move.  In the stress and tiredness, my attitude was under serious stress–shall we say.  OK! I was cranky.

I think I may have turned the corner and am on my way to a full recovery.  What effected this cure?  Well, that is what I came to tell.  I am teaching a Business and Professional Presentations class and the first assignment was “Tell My Story.”  (Have I mentioned that I studied horticulture, among other things?)  So, one of my students loves flowers and wants to own a flower shop someday.  There were lots of stunning pictures of beautiful flowers. Then among the rest came Taraxacum officinale….yes that is what her slide said. 🙂  Sounds impressive.  The taraxacum is the scientific name for—you guessed it—the dandelion.  Really?  One of her very most favorite flowers?  Mine too, actually.

But this is the crazy part.  She didn’t show the bright sunny faces. NOPE. Her slide was of the clocks.  Those pesky seed heads that everyone loves to hate.  She talked about how they fire the imagination, spark dreams, and lift our spirits on the wind.  It was breathtaking. Then she showed the blossom and talked about how sturdy and happy it is–even when it is being stomped all over.  She talked about how it takes what comes and just keeps on fighting.  It was beautiful.

It lifted and inspired me.  It restored my soul.  I thank my student and the lowly dandelion for it.  I am so glad there are dandelions here, too.  Life is good.

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