The Love Story or The Un-love Story…

Princess Hours (Goong)

If you think back over the love stories you have loved the most—men and women both watch them and have been deeply touched by them, admit it :-)— which ever ones you treasure, many of them have a triangle—Two people who both dearly love the same person. Princess Hours is just such a story. What draws you back to your favorite story?

I am a self-confessed Asian Drama/Movie junkie.  They excel at the triangle narrative. I can name dozens.  Some of my favorites are Winter Sonata, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Lie To Me, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, and Flower Boy Next Door. Each one is a beautiful love story.  Everyone of them made me cry.  I watch parts of them over.  Just sooooo touching.  Ahhhhh, nothing beats a good love story.

 BUT!!!  Within each of these stories is the story of Un-love. There is the wonderful loving other person that lets go and graciously walks away so that the object of their love can be truly happy. Sometimes that is the story I find myself pondering the longest afterwards.  Sometimes the selfless letting go seems to be the deeper love.  So while you leave with a heart filled with joy basking in the glow of the happily ever-after true love couple, there is a lingering yeah but….but.  Sometimes that un-love is really the bigger story.  Sometimes it is more of a hero tale.  Sometimes that is the story that lifts and inspires you.  Sometimes it is this very nobility that gives the central story its meaning. Often that is where your heart and mind returns and lingers….What became of him/her? You really want the guy who never gets the girl/girl who never gets the guy to find the love they so deserve.  What would I do?  Could I be so noble and gracious.  Do I love that selflessly?  What type of person would truly deserve that depth of character?  Am I such a person?

One thing you are left knowing, this person is not a loser and has the depth of character to let go and love again. So how do you finish their story?

The advertisements always market the happy ever after love.  That may be what sells, but it often isn’t what brings you back.  We are not so shallow.  I wish there were shows that really gave full acknowledgement to the Un-love story. Maybe they all need squeals…no I like my ending better.



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