Girl Scout Cookies? GAG!

The Girl Scouts are reportedly on attack.

It has long been obvious that the radical feminazi’s have their hooks in Girls Scouts.  I could tell it WAY back when I was one (Girl Scout).  I have not been a fan of the organization since I reached the age of discernment.  It was not a well kept secrete that Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood were hand and glove.

That being said, I may or may not have ever bought Girl Scout cookies after the news of Girl Scouts deep connection to Planned Parenthood.  But never again will one cross my lips.  Whenever I see them I will  belittle the cookies to the fullest extent possible in the situation–without hurting a little girl’s feelings, of course.

For Planned Parenthood to use such an organization to influence life changing decisions in the hearts and minds of such a vulnerable population is utterly despicable.  However, once known, parents and girls have the right to choose whom they will serve.

What is intolerable is the response of Girl Scouts.  The decision to use the courts to destroy those who disagree with them is the most despicable and intolerable tyranny carried out in the United States today.  Death by lawsuit is the modus operandi of the rabid left and it needs to stop.

The purpose of the Court system is to bring justice.  Some have used its extremely high price to pervert justice and create a reign of terror.  The mere threat of death by suit forces individuals and organizations to give up.

Others have the GOD given right to disagree and to express their disagreement in the public square.  No one has the right to shut them up.  If you think everyone who disagrees with you must be forced and ridiculed into shutting up, it is a sure sign that you are in the wrong.  The truth will set us free.

The perversion of the Court System and the blatant arrogance of tyranny is more than I am willing to keep truck with.  I am done.  Sad really, because I am a cookie junkie and confess to being one of their best customers.  Before that is….NO MAS.

Don’t tell me you don’t understand bullying….

For the sake of Fairness,

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