When There Is No One….

Chinese only children are literally all their parents have

Chinese parents having only one child are at great risk when that only child dies.  Children take care of their aging parents—literally, feed, clothe, and shelter them. It is a wonderful thing.  The problem is when something happens to the only child.  China’s problem is exploding.  The 210 million only children, mentioned in the article, have up to 420 million parents.  When the child dies the parents have no one and nothing to depend on.  I hope they can organize into self-supporting community groups.  Maybe they could organize around orphan groups to create intergenerational support systems.

The outcry is for the government to take care of these people, and of course the government should handle this problem of its own making.  However—of its own making—seems to be the key point.  Governments don’t fix any problem, they  just make them…in perpetuity.

The natural order of families taking care of their own has worked since human reproduction first began.  It is still the best design–virtually fail-proof.  It does however require FAMILIES–as in parents with childREN and even grandchildren.

China isn’t the only place in the world where one child is the norm.  So, the world over, there is an ever increasing population of aging adults with no family to see to their needs.  It is devolving to the government which is devolving to death panels and euthanasia, an ugly, immoral business to say the least.

One thing I don’t get is why humanity has clung like the wildest religious zealots to the religion of evolution when man has so obviously devolved both civilly and morally–they are connected, after all.

Another thing I don’t get is the clinging to the nonsense that population growth is a problem when there is war, disease, and abortion (mostly girls) spreading at the same time more and more food is available.

The answer to meeting human needs is so obvious and yet so many are willfully blind.  Willful blindness seriously escapes me…even in myself.

I hope more and more young couples get crazy and have four or more!  Build a family, build an intergenerational support system, build a base of resources.  Be fruitful and multiply, and adopt each other—which reminds me of the problem of children aging out of the foster system–many of them have no one, but that is another post.

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