Canada, I Salute You.

Sportsmanship is the ONLY thing that matters in sports.

Canada has proven that there is still a reason for the Olympics.  It was never supposed to be about politics or the personalities of world bigwigs (leadership is perhaps a lost art).  It is about sportsmanship and developing understanding and acceptance among the peoples of the world.

This Canadian coach stepped up to meet the real goal of the games.  He untangled the skier from his broken ski and put on an unbroken ski of his own.  The article will get you all choked up. . . .OK, I cried.  It is a great story.  Standing ovation please for Justin Wadsworth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woot!  Clap, Clap, CLAP!!!! High Five!  🙂  Canada has won these games, hands down.

Then, I pause and ask, “Why was he the only one to step up to the plate and do the decent thing?”  WHY?!

The thrill of human kindness;  the agony of apathy.


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