Drug Usage–Legal or Not

CNN is talking about exploding heroin use among teens.

Is it time to stop the aggressive push associated with illegal markets and instead sell and tax through pharmacies?

The tax money could all go to treatment and education programs.

I was beginning to think so.  There were articles about Belgium’s usage being down.  Intuitively it makes since.  It would stop the flow to cartels.  It would fund big pharma after the obamacare fiasco.  It would make drugs less cool.  The aggressive marketing would stop.  I think the reduced marketing alone would dramatically reduce the usage.  Then there is the violence associated with drug gangs.  Maybe they would go bankrupt.

But then, Colorado legalized marijuana and there has been a mess. Drugged children and pets are reported.  Drugged food given to the unsuspecting–but that is not really new.  Drug DUI’s are increasing.  I am sure usage is up in general.  More is reported certainly, but more is used as well. Law abiding people would try it now when before they would not.

Is the usage up because of the newness?  Maybe because it is still new and edgy?  Are places increasing their own marketing?  All marketing should be illegal, I suppose–like cigarettes.

Unfunding the cartels and gangs would be a beautiful thing.  Increasing usage after an initial period would be a failure.  But then, any initial increase in hard drugs would be a failure.  Hmmmmm.

Then this is out today:  http://www.wnd.com/2014/02/70-million-americans-taking-mind-altering-drugs/

This is Krauthhammer:   http://video.foxnews.com/v/3189040482001/giving-up-the-war-on-drugs/?playlist_id=921261890001#sp=show-clips     He thinks legalization doesn’t work.

Singapore seems to think hanging the sources works.  See below.


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