There is Crass, Then There is NBC

Give Honor to the Dead

NBC   has reached new lows.  It deleted a tribute to those killed by Islamist terrorists after the 7/7/05  announcement of the 2012 London games.  It is beautifully done and a great reminder that the games are about taking time away from war.  BBC showed it, NBC did not.

What was NBC’s pathetic excuse for such aberrant behavior?  It wasn’t about us.  Us being the US audience…..SERIOUSLY? The US isn’t part of the greater world?  What threatens the security of the games doesn’t effect us?  Or does NBC think we are just too small-minded to care about the very real and present loss to the friends and families devastated by this bloodthirsty, inhuman act?  OR, is it really that NBC is so petty and small-minded itself?

Either way, the world is holding this incident up as a perfect example of the “UGLY AMERICANS.”  Thank you NBC.

To the world I wish to say, I am very sorry.  I appreciate the loss to the family and friends, Great Brittan, and the innocents lost to the world at large.  It is hurtful to know that evil people will attack the sacred and the loved.  NBC does not speak for or represent the American people.  Thank you Russia for expressing the condolences of all of us in such a beautiful way.

You can see this beautiful tribute here:

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