The World We Live In….is pretty creepy.


The world is a very creepy place. Instead of a one world government, the “new world order” has become a new world of lawlessness, spying, down right perverted stalking, and voyeurism.

It is a universal problem.  I grew up in a world of unlocked doors and open windows.  ACT scores were higher on a harder test.  I knew hardly anyone with cancer (certainly no children), infertility, female baldness, or ADD/ADHD/Autism.  There were no kids killing kids at home or school.  Junior high and high school kids were maybe whipped, certainly put to work, and straightened out–not made into life-long felons.

I cannot see that anyone is safer, healthier, better educated, wealthier, and certainly not freer.

How does a child today face a new day without abject terror?   Their lives are filled with very real and creepy bogeymen watching and listening in secrete.


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