The World We Live In….

Buying a Bedside Lamp

I overheard the cutest thing yesterday.  I was buying hangers—-boring I know.  BUT, I happened to go through the lamp isle on my way—a big box store, can you tell?  In the lamp isle was a mom, busy on her cell phone. With the mom was a beribboned, pony-tailed little girl of 5 or 6 years in age.  She was meticulously shopping for the p e r f e c t bedside table lamp.  She would turn each one on and then step back to consider it.  I couldn’t get through or back up, so I waited and waited—so glad I was thus inconvenienced!  She gets to one–white cord neatly coiled, rose pink glass base, light pink shade, with pink glass beads hanging off the shade.  Surely t h i s would be “The ONE!” Well she flips the switch–nothing happens….Stamp went the foot, Fists on hips, Flip went the pony–“It must not be charged up! Dang IT!”

Bwahahahahaha!  The sale was lost, but my day was made.  Kids are so great.

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One Response to The World We Live In….

  1. What an adorably discerning little shopper!

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