INFLATION Has Arrived.

According to the WSJ:  Markets Running New Highs.

Well, it is a bull, but not the kind you may be lead to believe.  This is inflation run amok.  The rich will get phenomenally richer–the middle class will disappear–and the poor will become devastatingly poorer.  Think wheelbarrows of money to buy groceries as seen else where.  You of course won’t see it–that is why we have gone to paperless money for the most part.  Studies have long shown that people don’t perceive the real cost associated with paperless money.  Yes, dear, they think we are stupid.

But most of us are not, in fact, stupid.  You will know when the Abercrombe store is set close in your mall–even though you live in a university town and your state is reporting only 5% unemployment (ignore the fact that college graduates are the ones losing those retail jobs). You will know when the 500% rise expected in your electric bill happens.  You already know that powdered milk is now a luxury item.  It has long been that the only ones affording lobster and crab legs are the rich and the food stamp crowd–don’t get me started. Milk is headed to $7-8 a gallon, you will see that as well.  You will know when you are excited to get to go to Goodwill and look for better jeans.  Our Bennigan’s is closing too, they say.  Is the middle class already shutting down? There aren’t enough elitists to support it, I suppose.

What I am pondering is this; when and what are people supposed to do?  Has this ever been successfully averted by any nation?  The nation builder/destroyers have used the same model over and over and over.  Have they ever failed?  If not–is it ethical to become one of them?  How to become one of the inflation riders at this late date if you don’t have a mass of wealth to inflate?  I have read that in Argentina you were best off with jewelry grade gold.  I learned in college that you want to be the person buying when others are forced to sell.  I think it is ‘Rhett Butler’ that says there is wealth to be made in the rise and fall–can’t guarantee that, though.  Are those of us already struggling doomed?  There are lots of articles–where are the answers? › … › Finance and Business › Managing Your Money‎‎…Economy/2012/11/…/462985

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