America, VULGAR? Understatement Of The Year.

From A Lovelier, More Civilized Time.

While the examples are too numerous to count, there is no pertinent photo here–because that is the point.  It is vulgar.  The WSJ published an article which is a good read but only touches on one aspect of the problem and lightly at that.  “America is Vulgar.” Vulgar is defined by Merriam-Webster as : not having or showing good manners, good taste, or politeness; or merely common.  Yes, we are those things.  People cannot form an orderly line and take turns at Panera.  Tables full of church elders sit cussing up a storm.  Friends promise to attend a party and then don’t.  Dozens and dozens of “selfies” blow up the FB feed on a daily basis.  That is vulgar.

The United States has descended well past that.  We are crass. Crass is defined by Merriam-Webster as: having or showing no understanding of what is proper or acceptable : rude and insensitive.  We are ignorant of the proper way to behave.  The President’s not attending Margaret Thatcher’s funeral is but one of many, many examples.  It is a top down problem. No wonder American students throw their trash on the ground at a Kyoto temple. Not showing politeness is one thing; ignorance as to what is polite is another.

We can even be accurately described as despicable. Mirriam-Webster defines despicable as: deserving to be despised : so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation. Where to begin?  The hiney cracks, the chest cracks, the pasties under sheer tops, the sexually explicit tattoos, the language and gestures that are everywhere regardless of the age of those present.  People going to court with the intent of destroying strangers because they do not accommodate you.  The sexual behavior in public places. The pornography in every print or video publication. The sexualization of children starting at infancy.  Demanding tolerance of others where none is given.  Demanding preferential treatment for a wrong you never suffered from those who had no part in it.  The list is virtually endless.

America is in fact lawless.  Lawless is defined by Merriam-Webseter as: not restrained or controlled by law.  Equal protection under the law–remember that?   From the highest reaches of government down–the law simply does not apply.  Don’t tell me you can’t understand the “knock-out” game.

Vulgar?  Well yes, you could say that.‎

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