The Not So Peaceful

Greenpeace’s website claims it uses “peaceful direct action and creative communication.”  Many would disagree with that claim. See links below–just to list a few.

This time their  ship, Arctic Sunrise, entered arctic waters to “protest” at a Russian state run oil platform.  They were first arrested for piracy (Defined as an act of violence or depredation on the high seas) while some were scaling the platform thereby endangering the people and property involved.  The charges have been reduced to hooliganism (Defined as rowdy, violent, or destructive behavior).   Either offense could be argued, it seems to me.  However described, trespass alone is certainly outside their self professed mandate.  Instead of self-righteously screaming “I did nothing wrong,” the crew should be grateful for the reprieve.  They were caught red-handed; ignorance of the law is no excuse; and they clearly intended their actions.

The party is demanding international interference to get them off.  It does appear to have bailed them out for the time being.  Time will tell whether or not they skate.

Piracy is a very real and present danger in the world today.  It would be very terrible if these ‘nobel dogooders’ created a precedent emboldening not only their own destructive behavior but that of others as well.   One man’s saving the planet is another man’s destroyed livelihood, but endangered lives and property is not acceptable.  This infraction should be treated justly, for the sake of all.







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