A Pan American Prophetic Image of TIME

The Pan American Event

Massive Devastation

Man had been busy about his Age.  But without fanfare, the Age of Man/War was winding down.   A  25-year period of purification began, destined to end around 2012. (Many major events occurred in those years between 1987-2012.)

The Mayan long count ended 12/21/12.  Perhaps there would be no more completed cycles. Perhaps there was a defining moment or event. Time as it was known ended.  The end of the last 260 year cycle and the beginning of the next (incomplete?) cycle is a time of transition including colossal environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and earth changes.

In this time between the ages there will be a tear(s) in time, which can be stepped through. Will it bring the anticipated return of leaders, luminescent beings, or a resurrection of the dead?

The Age of Carnage begins, for however long it can last.  It ends with a judgment and utter destruction of that which is e v i l.

After this Age of Carnage, the consensus is there will be a glorious millennium of spiritual reawakening and peace.

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