Liberty University

A student was shot and killed by campus police in the early morning hours.  The vultures were circling by daylight–slobbering at the mouth anticipating the carnage…Sharks circled at the smell of blood.  Metaphorically that is.  Critics and naysayers don’t need the facts before striking–it is all about first blood.

The tragic death of one of our own and the injury caused to the campus officer (another one of our own) is lost in the fray.  Everywhere but at LU.  See, LU is a community.  A loving and caring community.  They care when people are hurting.  They hurt with them.  We don’t know the facts yet, but all of us who know and love Liberty know that something went terribly terribly wrong.  This is a tragedy for all involved.  It may be a beautiful fall day in Lynchburg, VA–it often is.  But in my mind the campus is shrouded with thick fog–a deep and soul wrenching grief.  The Liberty family will do what it always does.   Knees will be on the ground, prayers will float to heaven crying for God’s love and comfort for all those in pain.  At times like these, when there are no words, we know the Spirit will pray with us.

God is hearing those prayers.  His eye is on Lynchburg this day.  May His peace that passes all understanding lift up those in need today and in the days to come.

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