FB you are killing me–List 10 Things No One Knows About Me?

Maybe I Am Not Cool Enough For FB….

If you are on FB you have probably seen the currently circulating game.  If you missed it, you may want to start it among your crowd.  It goes like this–I will name “X” number of things about myself that no one knows.  If you hit like, then I will give you a number between 1-10 for you to post.  Everyone seems to love it…. Well all those cool people and their followers do.  You know—the ones who were cute and cool in grade school–the same ones who were cute and cool in high school—and college—at work–church—the mall….yeah, where ever you meet them.  The ones who throw ‘this old thing’ on and look like models, always think of the witty thing to say right on the spot–and even s a y it.

BUT! BUT! What about the rest of us?  The introverts? The shy? The socially awkward? The BORING?!!!   You are asking for 1-10 things about me that no one knows—-that should be aired in public?  Seriously?  But wait, noooooo it has to be COOL things!  Things that are casually thrown out there, without bragging a bit, that enthralls and entertains the masses…the same sort of things those cute and cool ones have always been able to say.  Like, ‘I was a Gerber baby,’ or ‘when I was in Africa I rode a zebra,’ or ‘my first Maserati’s name was Pumpkin.’   ARGGGGGGGH!   Some of us are thinking, “I should close my account. I feel like I am a lost and lonely 10 year old again…..”

NO WAY!  Buck up!  Take a deep breath and 1.) remember to read the directions and quit liking these things!  ‘But, I wanted to support my friend….’ I know, so that brings us to # 2.) Use the internet.  I was having this conversation with some folks near and dear to me.  In the process I searched “How To Be Cool?”  There are (as usual) dozens of articles, books, and videos on the subject.  After scanning the first 4 articles I pulled up, there is a readily identifiable pattern.

1. Go For It–the whole nothing ventured thing.  It gets easier with practice and the arms length of FB is an okay place to start. It is important to participate in these social events.  You do want to support your friends–they may be taking a big chance too, if you but knew it.

2.  Give yourself some time and space.  You do think of those great things to say when you are away from the situation and less stressed.   So go for a walk–or clean the oven–and think about it.

3.  Do not get to personal—disclosure is a slow process in intimacy and people trust those with boundaries, more. This may seem counterintuitive, but there we have it.

4. Keep it about yourself (unless it flatters the person you are including).

5. Keep it simple. Brevity is the soul of wit.  Very short active voice sentences work.

6. Edit before you post.  You don’t need the angst of an auto-correct embarrassing failure.

7. Don’t put yourself down, apologize, or include sad (depressing) items.  Keep the dirty laundry in the hamper.

So, breathe deep, give it some thought, feel free to copy good ideas (but be original), pry open the door of your heart and mind a crack, and share something of yourself.  You are a one of a kind treasure.  They will appreciate your inner beauty–and just maybe so will you. Give the gift of your genuine self.

Okay, we can do this.  GO!

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