Calling Iceland….Hello, Hello. Are you there?

Anybody There?

This is a friendly shout-out to the peoples of Iceland.  We (those around me and I) watch the stats and flag counters with great fascination.  There is no thrill quite like a “like,” comment, new visitor, new follower or FLAG.  YES.  It spurs us on.

However, among us there is a consistent dearth of Icelanders.  We looked and, yes, they do have Internet.  So….. sniff, I guess it is just personal.  Sniff.  That makes me sad.  Truly.  Well, in an effort to extend the hand of friendship—and to get a flag,  I would like to wave at the peoples of Iceland and say that I hope all is well, that the volcano is quiet, and the fishing is good……Okay, and that I want visitors on this blog so I get the flag.  I shall gloat all weekend.  Yes, I admit it, I will.  Victory would be MINE…bwahahahahahahaha!  Just kidding….

Truth is I have always wanted to visit Iceland.  I want to see the Northern Lights, bundle up to sleigh ride out to the volcano, and soak in a hot spring.  Since I will not get to do any of those thing in the near decade–please enjoy it for me!   Happy Winter!!!!!

THANK YOU Iceland!!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  You’re Awesome!  🙂

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