Do I Look Like An Idiot? Maybe It’s You.

His Death Was An Accident. SERIOUSLY?!

When did public discourse, especially journalism, descend from the noble cause of informing the masses so they could properly rule themselves into an opiate of the masses with the barefaced arrogance of pathetic lies handed out with utter contempt for the intelligence of its audience?

In this story, a British spy,  “Williams, a cyber-warfare expert, worked for Britain’s GCHQ eavesdropping service and was attached to the overseas espionage agency MI6 when he died.”   ( Death of a Spy )  So the gist is:  no drugs or alcohol, dead and decomposing INSIDE a gym bag locked from the outside–no finger prints or DNA on the outside of the bag or on the tub, in the bathtub of his apartment–ALSO locked from the outside. Coroner’s report said he was premeditatedly killed.  Police report said NOPE–sexual perversion-based, accidental death.

Is it just me or has the whole sexual perversion-based, accidental death hand been overplayed?  The monster is found dead, hanging in his cell–sexual perversion….Oh, just another pervert dead–nothing to see here.

The very fact that police blew off a v e r y questionable set of circumstances SCREAMS cover-up.  Hello.

But the point of this is that I am utterly offended at a.) being lied to, and b.) being lied to in such an inane and condescending manner.  I am just fed up.  I can’t take it anymore.  So please, do me the courtesy of, at least, plausibility.  The monster under the bed got hungry while I was gone to school and wrecked up my room looking for something to eat, but couldn’t find anything because I had cleaned up like you said; so then he went into the kitchen and scooped that big splotch of icing out of the center of the cake…this icing on my face is because I was testing to see what that was he left on my blankets….REALLY!  ummmmmmmm, no.  I am not that stupid.

Seriously, it must be you.

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