This Generation Shall Not Pass–Iroquois Prophecy

Iroquois–tell a story of the battle between the red, white, and black snakes

The Iroquois end times prophecy tells of the great battle between the conjoined red snake and white snake, who share the same tail. (They are also called serpents.) The nation-conquering white snake is attacked by the red snake.  As the battle continues, both the battle weary red and white snakes are attacked by the black snake.  (I hate snakes, just sayin.)

Leading up to this epic battle, there will be an increased number of terrible hurricanes. There will be two plagues—the first of unknown cause; the second one will be water borne and will waste the insides (cholera or radiation poisoning maybe?)  Handsome Lake speaks of 7 years of famine, no drinkable water, strange poisonous animals, gambling, witchcraft, extinct animals, and polluted food sources.  He also talks of the trees dying from the top down.  (The Dutch Elm blight wiped out millions of trees beginning in the late 1960s.   Other trees reported as dying from the top down (wilting) include: Japanese Maples, Birch trees, Oak trees, Cedar trees and Aspen.)

The white snake (presumably Causasians) had come to North  America and was initially befriended.  It later turned to subdued the Iroquois keeping them in a choke hold until the the day of their darkest hour when “Deganawida” returns as  promised.

The red snake is considered to be either China or Russia.  It attacks from over the north pole.  The “shared tail” is to say they have the same purpose–domination and control, not that they are one group.  The red snake is so terrifying to the white snake that he releases the Iroquois and turns to focus on the red snake.  Initially the white snake cooperates with the red snake. That ends with an argument that escalates into a battle so intense as to cause the rivers to boil, the fish belly-up, mountains crack, crops fail, and trees shed their leaves. There will be great heat, the stench of death, and strange bugs and beetles appear and attack the snakes. Near the end the red snake reaches out and pulls a hair from the back of the white snakes head. This hair then is blown by the wind toward the south.  Fire destroys the earth with a wind so powerful as to make a hurricane seem “like a whisper.” (Atomic explosions?)

The released Iroquois will move to the hill country to be joined by members of all the other tribes in renewed brotherhood.  They will stand in the hills and watch the battle while remaining neutral. (They don’t have a dog in this fight.)  A young (teenager) leader (seer) will appear to them and in one day will unite the tribes.  He will bring a message heard by the thousands in these hills “between the elm branches.”

While the leader is speaking a black snake will appear in the south.  He will come out of the ocean with salt water dripping from him.  He stands to rest a spell while watching the red and white snakes fight.  The black snake is identified as either “Africa” or “Muslims.”  While resting the black snake catches that hair (off the white snake’s head) and it turns into a white woman.  She says something to the black snake that causes him to set her down (gently and lovingly) and head north into the battle so fast and furious that he defeats both the red and white snakes.  While standing on the chest of the white snake, the black snake puffs his chest out (as if to crow), turns to seek another foe, but sees a great white light coming in the east.  He flees back south, jumps into the sea, and swims away never to return to North America.  The white snake recovers, sees the light, and tries to head toward the light.  Part of the white serpent refuses to leave and heads to the hills where they are accepted by The People.  The rest of the white serpent heads east toward the light and enters the sea. It is out of sight for a while, then is seen on the water heading east.  The red serpent comes around, sees the light, and in fear heads back north leaving a trail of blood.  The red snake never returns to North America.

The light is brighter than the sun and coming from the east to the west over the ocean.  This light is the promised return of Denganawida (the Great Peacemaker), who worked with  Hiawatha to bring peace and form the Iroquois League in the 13th-14th century. (He ended cannibalism….I did not know there had been cannibalism on North America.  Yuk.) Upon his return, the tribes reform into a single nation greater than ever before, living in peace and harmony.

A world at peace.


1. Deganawida~

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