This Generation Shall Not Pass–Hopi Prophecy

The Hopi live in the oldest continuous communities in North America

The Hopi people live in the United States southwest.   Their prophecy is perhaps the oldest known in North America.  In the Hopi eschatology  there are nine worlds.  This is the fourth.  In this age, three times big war will rage.  There is great wealth under the land given to them that was not to be removed, but if it is removed during this time of war, powerful weapons will be made and people will die. (See  EPA)‎  After the coming purification, when evil people are punished and destroyed,  the wealth can safely be removed and used for good. Most of the Hopi prophecies are thought to have already occurred, and the time of this purification is imminent.  (WWIII.)

First there is a coming ice age.  It will begin with late springs and early falls.  The crops will fail.  Famine is the natural result.  There will be halos around the heavenly bodies.  It will appear around the sun four times.  It is a warning to all people. A fog will arise that preys on the mind and saps the courage of the people. Men will begin savagely destroying each other.  People in high places will hunt the lowly and vice versa.  It will increase and expand.  This class warfare will continue until the gourd of ashes is thrown down.  (See Below).

As the ninth and final sign a dwelling place in the sky (space station?) will fall to the earth as a blue star.

The Elder Brother will return with his corner of the fire clan tablet–broken off and hidden by him as proof that he is the awaited one. He is called Antsa Qoetsapava Powatanica. He left on migration to the east and over the ocean (with possible multiple reincarnations).  A great white star was to appear when he reached his destination.  The Elder Brother will have long black braided hair, wear a red cloak, and wear a red cap resembling the back of a horned toad.  When he returns with the corner piece, the tablet will be complete and can be opened to so its interior inscriptions will be revealed.   These inscriptions, as properly interpreted by Elder Brother, will reveal who the Hopi are as a people. Elder Brother will then  take over the North American continent in one day. If he returns from the east then the destruction will not be so bad; but if he comes from the west do not go up to your rooftop because he will have no mercy.

World War III will be started by those who first received the light (China, Palestine, India, and Africa–that is an interesting combination).  When the war comes, the United States will be destroyed by “a gourd of ashes” which will be thrown to the ground.  Rivers will boil, the earth will burn, no grass will grow, and it will cause incurable disease.   (This is thought to be nuclear bombs.)  Hopi traditionalist Thomas Banyaca is identified as saying that if US soldiers are sent overseas, they will be killed by atomic bombs, and then Turtle Island (North America) also will be bombed. “Men will fall from the sky,” (invading paratroopers).  The “rainbow warriors” made of men from different races and nations (like the UN) will attack.

The earth will roll over 3-4 times. The oceans will join hands and meet the sky.  (Pangea results.)

Pangea–reunited landmasses

The wicked will be beheaded.  Judgment and punishment of evil will bring justice to the Hopi. They will then be delivered from their persecutors and a new universal brotherhood will spring from the Hopi people.  The ills of the earth will be cured, the earth will re-bloom, and all remaining people will unite in peace for a long period.  (Aside:  a millennium just springs to mind.) Quetzelcoatl ~




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