This Generation Shall Not Pass–Mayan Monday Morning Quarterbacking

The World is Still Spinning…LET”S PARTY!

12/21/12  The world would end…or end as we knew it…or not end but begin again…or enter a new age…OR NOT.

It is always easy to criticize in hind sight. However, this prophecy interpretation had a lot of critics before hand–some renounced it in the name of stopping a panic, others (including modern Mayan Elders)  because it was “just wrong” to begin with.  Whatever the case, the sun rose on 12/22/12.

BUT, the question that started this inquiry was, “What if they were right after all?  The end of time “as we know it.”

The Mayan, and their prophecy, are related to the Itzas, who are related to the Toltec.  Quetzalcoatl’s Mayan name is Kukulkan.  The Mayan say the prophet who foretold of the Spanish conquerors and rampant diseases was Chilam Balam the Jaguar Priest.  (Aside, in the Bible there is a Satan worshiper named Balaam. That name translates as ” The ancient of the people, the destruction of the people.” In Mayan it is a last name and translates as Jaguar.   The similarity caught my attention so I went to look at it.)

In the end times, the coming of a great spiritual being (to some a return of Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl) would herald a religious awakening and re-emergence of Mayan glory.  The two bearded messengers from the east arrive. The first is an ambassador, the second awakens The God of Heaven (Hunab Ku–the only god) in the west (only the west?) and has a world-uniting message.  Kukulkan’s appearance will be preceded by natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, storms, pestilence, etc.), civilizations collapsing, and the end of “time as we know it.”

The period of time, called a Katun, ended.  A new 260 year (256 Gregorian years)  cycle began.  It brings in the Fifth Sun (Age of Man).  But first, there is a time of transition including colossal environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and earth changes.  So, not earthquake or volcano, flood, ice age, but all of the above.  Is this equivalent to the Toltec moving from the age of war to the age of carnage?

“This” (not sure if it is the 5th sun or time of transition) is a time of total collapse–all is lost.  As a judgment of god there are plagues, epidemics, and then famine.  People lose confidence in social structures.  Governments are overthrown and overrun.  The days turn upside down (pole shift?), stones fall from the sky, massive consuming fire.

Ultimately, after this time of purification there is rebirth characterize by god acting, the earth reunited, and a renewed spirit among men.

So, was the end of the Katun the end of “time as we know it?” Was it the starting a transition period; the beginning of a new age (a final age?),  Or, like a pebble dropped into a lake the ripples began and, whether we perceived it or not, the new order took power–the world as we knew it literally ended?

And So It Begins

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