Dear Life, Don’t Do This To Me.

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why?

Why is it that when life is standing on your very last nerve, tapping out Cotton-Eyed Joe, the most ridiculous things happen? WHY?

I am not talking about shoestrings breaking–you are stressed and pull harder than usual. Got that.  NO, I am talking about the load of white clothes tying itself up into such a knot that you are not even sure it is still clean after all the dirty wordy that spewed out while UN-knotting them.  Or the, not one but TWO cups of coffee you spill on your self before a meeting, when you are being extra careful.  The first one drips out the side seam and the second one spills when a darling little girl toddles over to grab you leg…Seriously?  How about trying to avoid 3 aggressive drivers and dinging the door of your car on the pole.  They all drive off.  Yes, that kind of thing.

Coincidence?  I think not.  You just have less tolerance right then…No.  It would be a big problem any old day, but it happens on THOSE days.  You know what I am talking about. Karma? Nope, that is the whole “if, then” logic.  If you are having a bad day, you do things that cause this to happen (I think). I, at least, go into extra-careful mode on those days.  Maybe I deserved this,  the whole “goes around, comes around” thing.  Seriously? No one deserves this stuff.

This is why people believe in sprites.

My Laundry Faerie?

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