This Generation Shall Not Pass — Toltec Prophecy

Toltec Glory Will Return

 This is very interesting.  Quetzalcoatl, the prophet of the Toltec’s, has many names and many followers. The Baha’i Faith and Mormons as well as the Aztecs, Mayans, etc.  follow this ‘tradition’ (What would you call it?).  Just as a reminder I am not delving into any of the religious beliefs.  I am only looking at the picture drawn of the end times.  

Quetzalcoatl’s words of prophecy included the ideas that the Toltec would be taken over by the Aztec and the Aztec would be wiped out by Cortez.  Based upon this some say he is mere legend. Others say that Cortez and another Spaniard wrote it after the fact to justify their horrible wrongs.  For whatever reason, his words of prophecy sound similar to Jesus of Nazareth’s  (you can see where some people think it was a Traveler who had heard of Christianity and others an incarnation of Jesus).  The best example I found was, “[T]here are many lodges in my father’s house.”

The end comes in 5 Cycles.  They may be Ages of 1. Destruction, 2. Warfare, 3. Carnage, 4. Learning, and 5. Future.  I didn’t find a list or the characteristics yet.  If this was correct, then it sounds like we could be described as in warfare now and headed into carnage.

In the end times two bearded ones will come from the east. The first is more of an Ambassador preparing the way.  The second is the one who brings a world uniting message (world peace).  

The Toltec’s were told to “Carry your great books into the jungles. Place your histories deeply in caverns where none of these men can find them. Nor do you bring them back to the sunlight until the War-Cycle is over.”  “Keep hidden your books, my children, all during the Cycle of Warring Strangers. The day will come when they will be precious.”  So books and sacred items of the Toltec’s are to be brought out of hiding. The Aztec Emperor Izcoatl is said to have burned much of their history.  Did the sacred texts survive?  Will they be found?

The city of Tula-Teotihuacan and its temples would be found and uncovered. It was found and has been excavated by archaeologists beginning in the 1950’s.  While it doesn’t look too hopeful now, a magnificent Golden Tula is to shine in all its glory

Quetzalcoatl said that he would return as he had left, from the East, across the sea. He would be bringing a reign of peace and the “advent of a new spiritual order”  He said all the ancient glory of the Indians would return.

1. Aztec Prophecies ~ Quetzelcoatl ~


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