This Generation Shall Not Pass–Aztec Prohecy

Aztec Prophecy or lack there of.

This is interesting to me.  It would seem the Aztecs were not seen as civilized by their peers.  So they did what any wannabe does—they adopted the legends and myths of the most civilized group.  The Toltec were highly civilized but, as foretold by their own prophecy, were taken over by the Aztec.  The Aztec then adopted the legends and myths of the Toltec–apparently in total.  Including the end times prophecies.  That is of course a cursory conclusion.  This isn’t so much a treatise on all the prophecies (there are many of those I find) but a search for images and beliefs.  The Toltec prophecy is quite interesting and gets its own article.  What I wonder is a.) Were the Aztec so sold on the Toltec prophecy that no more need be said, b.) did they not have “prophets” among them, or c.) so certain of their own early demise that it was a case of ‘whatever,”?  I really cannot imagine not being   fascinated with the end times.  Would I have felt differently 1000 years ago?  What about the old saw that every generation has felt theirs could be the last?  Interesting.

Here is a new finding: The present sun was called Nahui-Ollin, “Four-Earthquake,” and was doomed to disappear in a tremendous earthquake. The skeleton-like monsters of the west, the tzitzimime, would then appear and kill all people.   The old massive earthquake scenario.  So all or some of the Westerners become skeletal monster killers.  That adds a new image.

1. Aztec Prophecies ~

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