This Generation Shall Not Pass–Incan Prophecy: The End of Time ‘As We Know It’

That is to say, a change in the way of thinking and being in relation to matter (the earth and nature) during a golden age (millennium) of peace.  I don’t know if this is a literal 1000 year millennium or ‘a long time.’  There will be tumultuous changes to the planet Earth and in the psyche of people.  A redefining of spirituality will occur.  An evolution from physical man to spiritual (luminous) man.   This makes me think of man like angels or glorified bodies.

The world will be turned right side up with order and peace restored.

There are three prophetic events. First:  The Incan Temple of Gold had to be found.  It, supposedly, was exposed by an earth quake in 1949.  Second:  The high mountain lagoons had to dry up (  This was posted July, 2007).  Third:  The Condor had to become nearly extinct (  But in the end, the eagle (N. America) and the condor (S. America) fly together.  This pairing-up will happen at the time when (maybe this causes?) ‘Mother Earth’ wakes up.  Another source mentions a Fourth event:  A great solar heating.

New ‘Caretakers of the Earth’ will come from the “WEST”–that is to say Europe (the brains); North America (the muscle); and South America (the heart).  They remake themselves and remake their relationship with “Mother Earth.”  There will be a resurrection of the dead.

For 500 years the King of Darkness has reigned (since the weakening of the Incan empire leading up to the Spaniards conquering in 1532, so some time between now and 2032), but the King of Light will open the doors of another dimension which brings about a spiritual reawakening. As of 2012, there were 4 years left of this age of chaos and upheaval.  Europe will collapse. The way of the Earth people will return.  Does this mean the survivalists’ are on target?  Most importantly there will be a ‘tear in time.’  Aside: I think the 8 soldiers disappearing in a time well removing a flying machine has been debunked.  I wonder what a tear in time means? The tears open doorways between worlds that can be stepped through. Aside: I don’t know if that requires the luminescent body or not.

There is Pachacuti (possibly the King of Light)–a great Incan leader (a luminous one) who stepped out of time and is a prototype of what man can become. Either he returns or his ‘type’ returns as men become the spiritual beings.  This (these) luminescent being reigns for the millennium.

Here are some sources.  I haven’t researched them–they may all be referencing the same original source and it may be bogus.



1. Uploaded on Feb 1, 2011

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