Courtesy So Uncommon As To Be Nearly Extinct

I over heard one of the saddest conversations at a coffee shop today.  Two, seemingly kind and caring, women were talking.  One of them has an important anniversary coming up.  The conversation was not centered around celebration plans. NO, it was centered around why they cannot celebrate.  The money to be spent for food and decorations when people (f r i e n d s and f a m i l y presumably) will not come.  The work involved when the children will not help.  They just cannot do it, and it is breaking the husbands heart.  HOW SICK IS THAT!?  What in the world have we become as a community, nation, even species? Disgusting is what it is, what we are as a whole.  There was a time when, if you were invited to an event, you politely RSVP’d one way or another and you could be counted on to stick to it.  There was a time when children honored the love and sacrifice, or at least time and money, expended on the marriage and family (ahem, their sorry selves).  This was demonstrated by taking on the joyous task of creating a lovely celebration at key anniversaries.  (Aside:  I am just furious at the ungrateful grown-up brats.)   Miss Manners and Emily Post must be weeping into

It is a crying shame.

their lovely kerchiefs while spinning in their graves.  So let me take a moment to mention that CIVILization is founded upon CIVIL behavior amongst ourselves.  Uncouth barbarians do not a civilization make–that would be a murderous horde.  Let us reread the social contract.  In public you speak in moderate tones (so others may converse as well), you refrain from course and vulgar language (so as not to offer offense, thereby ruining a pleasant atmosphere), you attend a party to which you have been blessed with an invitation (or politely decline in a timely manner), you take a small gift to express you appreciation of their efforts on your behalf (providing a pleasant experience), and if you are children (as we all are) you show honor to those who cleaned up after you for twenty years or so–not to mention hauled your precious junk to college and back–by helping with a social event as needed.  It is not really so difficult.  All but the most barbarous of us can figure it out.

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