This Generation Shall Not Pass

Shocking Number Say End Times Have Arrived–WND

Holy Kamoly!  More than 40% of Americans believe the END TIMES (yes, the last hurrah, big finale, the BIG One) has arrived. We are talking ARMAGEDDON. Well, in the Bible it is the Last Days ( 2 Timothy 3).  What I have been pondering–actually since 2011–is what other traditions say.  There was a lot of hoopla over the Mayan Calendar and that it was wrong…but what if it wasn’t?  What if the world as we knew it ended, but the effects have yet to be felt? That is my current fascination.  I have loved the books and movies covering some of the major prophecies and what that would look like at the end.  The Left Behind, Day After Tomorrow, 2012, and 10.5 are just a few.  They all have one thing in common–they make that slant seem really plausible.  So, that begs the question:  Could it be true that all the major, historic prophesies are true?  Could they converge at some point?  What would THAT look like? I didn’t know it, but not only the Jewish/Christian, Islam, and Mayans have end times narratives.  Others including the Hindi, Incan, Buddhist, and Zoroastrians do, too. As I research the different traditions, I will be posting the skinny on each one.  Let us commence.

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