On a prophecy note……

Does anyone besides me find it interesting that last year was the year of the Horse….On the Chinese zodiac cycle?  As in the Four Horsemen.

The Year the Horse(s) ride….

While this year is the year of the Lamb…..or sheep and goats, depending on how you look at it.

Year of the Sheep….or Lamb, if you will…..or goat, as in serparating the sheep from the goats.

Then there is the fact that Tomb Sweeping Day falls on Easter.

Tomb Sweeping Day

And the fact that the blood red moons fall on Passover and the Feast of the Tabernacle—redemption and gathering.  While the solar eclipses will be on the New Years for Kings and on the Feast of Trumpets–as in the 7 Trumpets, the 7th month feast.

Boy oh boy. It sparks my imagination.

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” 1 Corinthians 15:52

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WOW! Where did the time go?

DSC00814   The better question may be where did my LIFE go? :-))  I got so busy that I barely had time to turn around.  Things are more settled now so I had “a moment to turn my mind to it,”  which, of course, got me to thinking.  In the process of getting rid of all my worldly goods (storage is too expensive and/or not available) I have had to do a whole lot of reassessing life and what I truly value.  Oh, I moved to China, which is why it was such a major move.  In the stress and tiredness, my attitude was under serious stress–shall we say.  OK! I was cranky. Continue reading

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Fellow Traveler’s! Help!

Fellow Traveler’s! Help!.

Fellow Traveler's! Help!WORLD (LONG TRIP) TRAVELERS!!!!!

Student Ramblings is looking for comments on luggage.  What worked and what didn’t. Go for the maximum size allowed? Brand, packing convenience, and handling.  Then on price—do the expensive ones really last longer?  We have had issues with wheels, zippers, handles, etc.  Any input is appreciated!!!!!


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The Rapture of the Church and Those LEFT BEHIND….

Left Behind–The Rapture

http://www.leftbehindmovie.com  This is the trailer for the new Left Behind Movie!  I am so excited.  SERIOUSLY!  I read every book and watched every movie ASAP.  I cannot wait for this version.  The blurb says this one focuses on the actual rapture itself as opposed to covering the whole first book.  What will that look like?

Nicolas Cage has my dream job–making apocalyptic movies.  That is what my Prophecy thread is about.  What would the ultimate Apocalypse look like—if everyone was right.  Life has intruded on my research but this will be a great mini-break from the daily grind.  When watching remember that 2015 is the Chinese year of the Lamb (Sheep/Goat) and the 4 Blood Red Moons are in process with the scheduled Solar eclipse in line as prophesied in the Bible.  Are you ready?

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When Is Birth Photography Just Porn?

Birth Photography–Creating Tender Memories

This is a sensitive subject.  I know.  I am not one to go around insulting people but this has been circling my brain.  I have several Photog friends on fb.  A couple of them do what is known as Birth Photography.  They are on call at all hours and create some of the most amazing pictures of precious memories.  It is truly an art form, and I have been able to see some beautiful images when they are shared on social media.  Wonderful!  Thank You……However.  Some of the images are of    V E R Y intimate  and, what should be, PRIVATE moments.  Oh my word.  Occasionally these images are shown by the family (New Mother), and I take that to mean they see their friends list to be an extension of …..say family and try to take it in the same spirit.  Keep in mind that new mothers have just been stripped of all privacy and have no modesty left at this moment.  Okay, I get that—even if I am made uncomfortable.

BUT!  Other times these pictures are posted by the Photographers Continue reading

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Virtue Pursued–Right Thinking


Aristotle (384—322 B.C.E.)

“The happy life is regarded as a life in conformity with virtue. It is a life which involves effort and is not spent in amusement….” 
― Aristotle

“Only the good can be happy, and only the virtuous can be good.” — Aristotle

This is the philosophy behind the LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS enshrined in the U.S. Declaration of Independence.  To paraphrase, the Declaration says that among the inalienable rights the individual is endowed with the right to pursue a life in conformity with virtue (moral goodness).  Aristotle emphasizes that this is a life of effort not the happy-go-lucky care free existence at the mercy of happenstance (chance circumstance).
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TRY THIS: Google “free images virtue”

Moral lessons of the new millennium.

What do you see?  I was shocked. Stunned may be the better word….. The image you see is the only one I saw that actually embraced the concept.  This is all there is for this Internet generation….lip gloss with unusual names.

The reason it comes up is this blog post that was floating on my fb feed.  It is discussing Modesty–great read by the way.  In it he says, “Nowadays, virtues have to be defended at a conceptual level. The world has always had un-virtuous men and women, but rarely has it been populated by so many people who deny the fundamental and intrinsic importance of virtue itself.” Well, of course, that got me to thinking…. 🙂
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